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Achieving Digital Sales Success in 6 Steps


In today’s digitally-driven market, it is crucial for dealerships to establish a strong online presence in order to capture consumer attention and convert them into sales. With consumers spending days or even months researching their next purchase and consulting various touch points along the way, it is more important than ever for your dealership to stay top-of-mind throughout this process. To help you attract and engage with customers online, and ultimately generate revenue, Boatmart has created this comprehensive guide to achieving digital sales success in 6 steps.

  1. Start at the Zero Moment of Truth

The Zero Moment of Truth refers to the moment when a consumer first turns to their device to begin the buying process. At this stage, consumers recognize their need or desire to make a purchase from your dealership. It is crucial to provide transparent information that addresses potential questions before they even arise. The ultimate goal is to provide value by nurturing relationships through effective messaging, comprehensive information, and prompt responsiveness.

  1. Create High Impact Listings (P.A.I.D. approach)

Make sure your listings are optimized and contain a variety of information, including SEO keywords, to capture the attention of potential buyers. Transparency is key, leaving no room for unanswered questions that could lead consumers elsewhere. Follow the P.A.I.D. acronym:

P: Clearly state the exact price of your listings.

A: Incorporate relevant keywords to boost the appearance of your listings in search results and increase your online presence.

I: Enhance your listings with a minimum of 25 images, as well as videos.

D: Write detailed descriptions that vividly illustrate the features of each unit.

  1. Promote Digital Engagement

Use online tools to facilitate interactive engagement and enhance the consumer experience. Alongside static images, incorporate walkaround videos of your units. Videos increase engagement and build trust and rapport. Share these videos on your listings and across social media platforms. Actively engage with your social media audience, encouraging requests for specific demonstrations or units they would like to see. The online sphere offers the potential for personalization similar to an in-person dealership experience.

  1. Make Your Dealership Accessible

Cater to your audience’s preferences by being available through chat, text, email, and phone calls.Quick responses are crucial – chat or text inquiries require near-instant attention, while email inquiries should be responded to within a few hours. Timely communication forms the foundation of successful digital transactions.

  1. Nurture Your Leads

The journey doesn’t end when you receive a consumer lead, especially online. Tracking and attentiveness during the customer’s purchase journey are vital. Respond promptly to leads to maintain their interest. Display professionalism and helpfulness, prioritizing consumer needs over immediate sales. Initiate dialogue to gather comprehensive insights into their preferences, financial considerations, and potential trade-ins. This enables tailored solutions from the beginning.

  1. Exceed Customer Expectations

Adopt a consumer-centric perspective. Understand their potential concerns about purchasing units they can’t physically examine. Alleviate this concern by providing comprehensive information, images, and videos that replicate an on-site experience. When they’re ready to make a purchase, offer delivery options to eliminate the need for them to travel. For casual browsers, maintain engagement by retargeting them with ads of their preferred units, reigniting their interest.

Digital sales have been a longstanding aspect of the marketplace, requiring adaptable strategies from your dealership. Keep this comprehensive guide accessible to ensure your dealership remains in the best position for continued success.

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