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Lead Enrichment

Lead Enrichment offers dealers insight into potential buyers’ shopping patterns on Boatmart. These insights are sent via email or available within Tradertraxx, our industry-leading reporting and analytics platform, so you aren’t logging into another platform. For each individual lead, dealers will receive a real-time email notification with consumer shopping information including:

Time in Market

Price Range

Listings Viewed

Recent Activity

By knowing more about a potential buyer’s pre-lead activity, you can leverage this data to have more productive conversations that guide the customer more quickly down the path to purchase.

Let’s say a potential buyer…

…only searches a certain price range » The data tells you this buyer may be locked into a particular budget – so you should focus on what you offer that fits that range first before showing them options in other price ranges

…only viewed one manufacturer that you don’t carry » This buyer may seem to have their mind made up, but you can tailor the conversation to highlight how a unit you carry can equally meet their needs and may even be better

…submits a lead on a unit that’s already been sold » By reviewing the unit they submitted a lead on alongside other units they were searching – you can identify what other unit on your lot might meet their needs

…moves aimlessly between multiple manufacturers and budgets » Maybe they are early on in their search or aren’t sure exactly what unit they can get for their money – but this buyer needs your guidance. Talk to them generally about how they plan to use their unit and narrow it down from there

For more information of how Lead Enrichement works, watch our on-demand videos to learn
how to leverage Lead Enrichment in your dealership.

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Lead Enrichment
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5-minute sales rep training

Lead Enrichment
On-Demand Video:

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Lead Enrichment provides impactful data that can change the way your sales team engages potential buyers. Reach out to your local sales rep to find out how you can take advantage of these insights for your own dealership.