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Are You using TraderTraxx?

We don’t normally like to brag – because it’s our goal to be an educational resource for you, not necessarily promote our own products – but sometimes, our own stuff is just too impactful not to call out in big neon-colored letters. And TraderTraxx is definitely one of those things. 

For those of you who aren’t already familiar with TraderTraxx, let me give you a crash course. TraderTraxx is an all in one platform available for Boatline customers. It’s designed to power your Boatline digital marketing universe  and provide you with the tools and data insights you need to stay competitive in your market and nationwide. Everything is accessible through one easy login portal where you can access:  

  • In-Depth Dealer Performance Insights – Analysis of your performance for all on-site inventory, and retargeting programs
  • Easy-to-use Lead Manager – From assigning leads to monitoring their progress, keep track of your prospects so you can convert them to your next sale 
  • Enriched Lead Data – Utilize our Lead Enrichment tool to better understand your buyer’s shopping behavior with pre-lead insights such as time-in-market, budget, and more
  • Valuable Market Insights – Review supply-and-demand needs in local and national markets, including top vehicles, top model years, and unit counts of popular models currently listed in the relevant market

When you first log into TraderTraxx, you can easily see how your inventory is performing on Boatline. The initial dashboard will tell you how many connections you received in the form of emails, phone calls, clicks to your website, and printed maps to your dealership. You can also take a look at your inventory mix and adjust it right from this dashboard if you want.

From there, you can dive into the available data reports – which is where TraderTraxx starts to get really powerful.

Pretty amazing, right?

On top of that, the insights you get from this report help you to understand if you’re priced competitively and truly understand the volume of competition in your market and nationwide. That’s right – these aren’t just general nationwide reports. You can actually look at this data for your specific marketplace. 

And I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet – Market Insights. This is not just one report, but three – all of which were designed to give you a better picture of the supply and demand for your inventory in your local market and nationwide. There are a number of filters (new/used, make/model) so you can view only what’s relevant for you, but each report will show you the top model years for each of the ranking makes and how many of those units are currently available on Boatline. Basically, without having to manually search for it, these reports make it easy to see exactly which units are piquing buyer interest. 

And just to reiterate the most important part – this is all included in your Boatline package so you already have access to all this great data! You just have to log in to see it – which you can do here. Also – if you want someone to walk you through this in detail, your Boatline rep would be more than happy to do that for you! They love talking about TraderTraxx – so feel free to give them a call at 877-354-4068 Ext 2.

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