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Welcome to Boatmart: Modernizing the Marine Vehicle Sales Industry

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Exciting news for the boating industry! Boatmart, the newest cutting-edge platform for boat enthusiasts and dealers, has introduced a new website that promises an unmatched browsing experience! For dealers, this launch will play a crucial role in elevating success this year. Read on for details on all the incredible benefits Boatmart is delivering.

Backed by Trader Interactive’s 30 years of expertise in recreational sales, Boatmart is designed to seamlessly connect potential buyers directly to your inventory, generating valuable leads for dealers. Originally launched in 2021 as Boatline, the platform attracted over 385K monthly shoppers and provided essential consumer insights, sales tools, and advertising solutions. Now, rebranded as Boatmart with a brand-new site, the benefits of advertising on this cutting-edge marketplace have been enhanced to offer even greater advantages.

Fresh Website Experience

Marine consumers can now enjoy a more enhanced browsing experience with improved search capabilities, making it easier to explore dealer inventory. The website also offers new resources to keep shoppers engaged in their search, including categorizing units based on several marine lifestyles. This strategy ultimately helps provide dealers with increased visibility to the fastest growing audience of marine buyers. Additionally, dealers will have access to top-notch marketplace solutions, including lead enrichment, audience retargeting, and more, just like other successful Trader Interactive Brands.

Seamless Dealer Experience

Boatmart’s platform was upgraded with dealer success in mind, ensuring that dealers receive the same cutting-edge experience as the consumers browsing the site. Not only does it offer faster data integration in a centralized sales platform, TraderTraxx, but it also provides seamless, lightning-fast access to everything necessary to efficiently guide buyers through the purchase process.

Cutting-Edge Marketing and Sales Solutions

Boatmart goes beyond being just a marketplace; it serves as a valuable resource for business growth, management, and success. Dealers who partner with Boatmart unlock exclusive access to a powerful suite of lead generation tools that enhance listings and showcase inventory prominently. Additionally, our Lead Enrichment tools provide real-time insights into consumers, driving more high-quality leads. With our centralized sales platform, TraderTraxx, managing inventory listings, analyzing performance, and tracking leads is made effortless, anytime, and anywhere.

Although the site design and inventory pages may have a new look on the updated website, rest assured that Boatmart continues to deliver the same top-notch resources and dedicated team of marketing sales professionals that dealers and OEMs alike continue to trust. 

 Ready for a new era in boat sales? Explore our media kit for more information!

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