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Expanding Communication: In A Growing Digital Age
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Experts say the recent pandemic pushed e-commerce and consumer habits ahead 5 years earlier than expected. Consumers will continue to rely on and prefer to use the digital communication tools they became accustomed to when they had no other options. As a dealership, you need to be prepared to drive sales via these new digital communication channels in order to keep your customers engaged.

Our webinar, Expanding Communication Channels: In an Increasingly Digital Age will help your dealership stay prepared by providing:

  • An overview of the current COVID-19 reality and your digital landscapeĀ 
  • Details on expanding communication channels through phone calls, emails, social media, text messaging, live chat and video chat
  • Best practices to convert these leads to salesĀ 

Fill out the form below to download a recording of the webinar and feel free to take advantage of the knowledge it provides to better equip your dealership for this growing digital age!

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