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5 Tips for Maximizing TraderTraxx


When you sign up to list your units on Boatmart, you unlock exclusive access to TraderTraxx, our centralized sales platform. This dynamic suite of tools empowers dealers to effortlessly manage inventory, leads, reporting, website content, dealer profile, and user settings, all in one convenient platform. Boatmart is here to provide you with valuable insights to help you fully leverage the benefits of TraderTraxx.

1. Maintain Up-to-Date Inventory

With TraderTraxx, it’s a breeze to regularly update your inventory, a crucial step in capturing the attention of potential buyers. By consistently adding and removing inventory, you keep your selection current for the 5 million monthly visitors on our marketplace. Staying on top of your inventory through TraderTraxx is a fundamental aspect of thriving in a competitive market.

2. Enhance Listings for Maximum Visibility

Once your inventory is live in your dealer gallery, TraderTraxx enables you to ensure the accuracy of your listings, as well as the quality of photos, videos, and descriptions. The more detailed your listings, the more impactful they become. Within TraderTraxx, you can also take advantage of enhanced marketplace solution options like Featured Ads and Premium Ads to boost visibility for specific listings. Increased visibility attracts more potential buyers and leads, making it crucial to utilize and maintain your enhanced ads in TraderTraxx.

3. Use Lead Enrichment for Higher Conversion Rates

Lead Enrichment is a remarkable tool for gaining a deep understanding of potential customers’ buying behaviors on Boatmart, delivered directly to your inbox or accessible through Tradertraxx, our premier analytics and reporting tool. Understanding a potential buyer’s actions before they become a lead enables you to utilize this information for more effective discussions, accelerating their journey towards making a purchase.

4. Gain a Competitive Advantage with Research Tools

Take full advantage of TraderTraxx’s dynamic reporting tools to track inventory performance, consumer search patterns, and marketplace competition. This data provides valuable insights that allow you to fine-tune your marketing strategy. Identify trends, understand customer preferences, and make informed decisions to effectively compete in your markets. Market Insights tools can be utilized to evaluate the demand for your inventory in both your local market and nationwide. TraderTraxx offers several reporting tools that can prove highly beneficial, depending on your specific needs.

5. Continuously Monitor and Improve Your Performance

TraderTraxx is an invaluable asset for monitoring your dealership’s performance. It’s essential to gather feedback from your team and remain open to making changes and improvements to your online sales approach. With TraderTraxx, you can ensure that your dealership is capitalizing on the most effective and efficient marketing strategies.

Follow these strategies to effectively optimize TraderTraxx and elevate your boat dealership’s online presence, customer engagement, and overall marketing strategy. If you’re a Boatmart dealer, log in to TraderTraxx today to begin implementing these strategies or learn more about TraderTraxx.


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