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Back to Basics: Best Practices for Inventory Photos

New smartphones. New website widgets. New privacy policies. Sometimes we can get so caught up in what’s new in technology and in marketing that we forget the fundamentals that effectively put our inventory in front of potential buyers. Sometimes we have to go Back to the Basics!
Welcome to Part 1 of our Boatline Back to Basics blog series. As leading providers of innovative solutions that connect buyers and sellers in the marine industry, we’re committed to using this blog series to help dealers reach more customers. To that end, today we’re talking about how to enhance your photos to better position your inventory.

Provide Multiple Views:
It’s pretty typical to get a picture of your Boat or PWC (Personal Watercraft) head-on, but think about taking some photos from other angles, too. This will give the customer a more dynamic idea of what the product looks like. If you have more images of the product, think about how you’d compare to your competitor that only has one

Inventory Photo with Multiple Views

Lighting is Everything:
The lighting of your inventory photo could make all the difference in showcasing your product! If possible, try and take pictures of your inventory outside for that great natural light. When doing this, be sure to place it in the light so that no shadows are masking it. If you can’t take a picture outdoors, there are easy editing features on your phone or computer that you can use to brighten it! Here’s a great list of different mobile apps you can get on your phone that will help you edit your photos.

Photograph the Whole Product:
It’s easy for the top or bottom of your inventory to be cut off when taking a photo. Take a couple steps back and make sure to get the entire product! You wouldn’t want a picture of your staff to have the tops of their heads partially cut off in a group photo, would you? The same goes when showcasing your inventory.

Declutter Your Background:
There’s nothing more distracting than a bunch of stuff in the background of your inventory photos. Make sure the area around your product is clean so that your customer isn’t looking anywhere else but at your beautiful inventory! This also goes for other things that might be in the forefront of your photo blocking your inventory a bit.

With customers conducting more and more research online before even contacting you, having good inventory photos is essential. Not only will it better capture the attention of your customer, but it will also give your dealership a leg up if your competitor provides limited images or none!

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