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Boatmart’s Tips for Crafting the Ultimate Dealership Crew


Building a formidable team stands at the heart of any successful enterprise, a truth that holds for both burgeoning dealerships and those in the midst of expansion. Achieving such a feat demands a significant commitment of time and resources towards recruitment, education, and leadership practices. This strategic investment empowers you to not only assemble a premier team but also to nurture and retain high-caliber employees who will progress alongside your business for the long haul. Boatmart is dedicated to guiding you through the process of forging an exceptional dealership team.


Just like creating a comprehensive listing to attract leads, it’s important to include all the key details that a potential hire would need to know in the job description. This means providing a clear overview of the role, including tasks, required experience, and any other relevant information. Furthermore, the job post should outline the expectations for organization and task completion. By including these details, you can be confident that you won’t overlook any qualified candidates.


When interviewing potential candidates, including internal ones, it’s crucial for hiring managers to have a set of standard practices to guide them. This includes determining the number of interview rounds, identifying the individuals involved in the process, and setting clear goals and expectations for each role. Feel free to think outside the box when crafting your interview questions, as this can offer valuable insights into the applicant’s qualities, experiences, and tendencies that could benefit your company. Moreover, this process should reflect the company culture and provide a glimpse of what the applicant can anticipate if brought on board.


Finding the ideal candidate who checks off all the boxes is a common goal for many businesses, but it’s not always easy to come by. Instead, consider investing resources and time into training both current team members and new hires at your dealership. This will help ensure continuous growth in their customer service and sales skills. When training your staff, focus on areas like organizational networking, technology, and customer retention, as they play a crucial role in nurturing customer relationships and speeding up sales processes. Always keep in mind that the ultimate objective is growth, so explore ways to unlock the full potential of your current and potential employees.

4. Boost Efficiency with an Active Management Style

While every employee is responsible for their own work, you can enhance their success by offering continuous guidance and support. It is important for management to regularly meet with employees to discuss their performance and the quality of their sales interactions. Depending on the size of your dealership and the roles within, consider having individual meetings to gain a deeper understanding of their daily tasks, as well as group meetings to assess the overall productivity of the company.


By regularly assessing employee retention strategies, dealerships can gain valuable insights into what is effective and where improvements can be made. High turnover rates can disrupt workflow, harm customer relationships, and lead to increased costs. Prioritizing the evaluation of employee retention strategies allows dealerships to address any issues and foster a positive work environment. Ultimately, happy employees contribute to higher productivity levels. It is essential for your leadership team and human resources department to consistently collaborate on ways to reduce turnover and position your dealership for long-term success.

When it comes to leadership, remember that the effort you invest is directly correlated to the results you’ll achieve. By taking the time to nurture your team members and provide them with learning and development opportunities, you can build a strong and loyal team that consistently delivers successful outcomes.

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