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4 Tips for Optimizing Inventory Listings

There’s a reason Boatline is the fastest growing online marketplace for buying and selling marine units. Well, actually, there are a few reasons. Today we’re going to talk about one that really excites our dealers: the opportunity to optimize their inventory listings so that they can more quickly and efficiently connect with the buyers who are most likely to be interested and make a purchase. Keep reading to explore 4 Tips for optimizing inventory listings!

We’ve recently been very excited to launch our innovative Trader Traxx platform, which is a custom-built platform for our dealers to manage their inventory and receive dynamic reporting all in one convenient place. Through Trader Traxx, sellers have a number of options for editing and adapting their listings so that their inventory is sure to be seen by relevant buyers conducting searches on our website. Here are just a few of those opportunities dealers can take advantage of:

  1. Ad Flexibility: Most dealers want packages that come with Featured Ads (which feature listings on our homepage and in search results) and Premium Ads (which provide highlighted placement in search results). Dealers can switch out which listings are Featured or Premium as often as they’d like. Through our dynamic reporting, dealers have the ability to monitor their inventory performance and can then strategically change out Ads any time of day.
  2. Showroom Showcase: When buyers choose to view a dealer’s entire inventory, we call that the “Virtual Showroom.” Dealers can edit their showroom to highlight certain listings and even offer Special Showroom Incentives. These features are another great way dealers can get their inventory in front of likely buyers.
  3. Social Media Mania: Listings should always include a link to your website. But don’t forget that you can also add your Facebook, Twitter, or Google-Plus information into the various text boxes. Nurturing connections through multiple channels is a great way to strengthen those customer relationships.
  4. No such thing as Information Overload: When selling your inventory, dealers should want to be as detailed as possible. The more information available in your listings, the more likely you are to be connected with high-quality connections who are looking to make a specific purchase. In that spirit, there’s no such thing as “information overload” in listings, and dealers should add taglines to images, and keywords in descriptions.

Each of the above tips are a great way for dealers to get their inventory in front of the most relevant consumers. At Boatline, we pride ourselves on connecting professional sellers with high-quality buyers and we are very excited about all the great opportunities our dealers now have through Trader Traxx to connect with consumers. If you ever have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 877-354-4068 Ext 2. And we hope you continue to check in on the blog frequently for more marine buying and selling tips!

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